15 Best Bicep Workouts and Exercises of All Time


Best Biceps Exercises

There are a lot of activities that will extend your shirtsleeves—yet on the off chance that you need focused on exercises for your biceps, at that point it’s an ideal opportunity to begin learning an assortment of twists.

Here are 15 bicep exercises that will invigorate new degrees of development, help expand quality.

1. Fat-Grip Hammer Curl


Select two free weights, and fold towels over each handle to thicken it. Another choice is to utilize elastic hold sleeves like Fat Gripz or Grip4orce. Keeping your upper arms fixed at your sides and your palms looking up, twist the loads.

2. Behind-the-Back Cable Curl


Connect a D-handle to the low pulley of a link machine, handle the handle in your left hand, and venture forward (away from the machine) until there’s strain on the link and your arm is drawn somewhat behind your body. Amaze your feet so your correct leg is in front. Twist the handle yet don’t permit your elbow to point forward. Interchange sides.

3. EZ-Bar Preacher Curl


Sit at an evangelist seat, and change the seat stature so your armpits contact the head of the seat. Handle an EZ-twist bar overhand at shoulder-width. Twist it up, keeping the backs of your arms against the seat. Take three seconds to let the bar down, flexing your triceps as you do it (as though you were playing out a link pushdown).

4. Turn around Curl


Handle the bar overhand (otherwise known as inclined grasp) at whatever width is agreeable. Keeping your upper arms against your sides, twist the bar.

5. Wide-Grip Curl

Handle the bar with hands more extensive than shoulder-width—in case you’re utilizing an Olympic bar, your pinkies ought to be outwardly knurling. Perform twists.

6. Close-Grip Curl

Twist with your hands inside shoulder-width, in the bar.

7. Regular Barbell Curl

You’ve surely done this activity previously, however there are a lot of approaches to stir up the set/rep plot. Attempt this: Place three 5-lb plates on each side of the bar, hands at shoulder-width, and perform 20 reps. That is one set. At that point take off one plate from each side. Perform 30 reps. Empty another plate from each side and complete 40 reps. At long last, expel the last arrangement of plates, and complete 50 reps with simply the vacant bar.

8. Free weight Curl

Stand holding a free weight in each hand with palms confronting your sides. Keep your weight behind you and lean forward somewhat. Without letting your upper arms float forward, twist the loads, pivoting your wrists outward so your palms face you in the top position. Hold the top for a second and crush your biceps. Let the loads down and flex your triceps hard in the base position (your arms should wind up marginally behind your body).

9. Drag Curl

Proceed as you would an ordinary hand weight twist, however stand tall and drive your elbows back as you twist so the top of every free weight contacts the front of your body all through the rep. (Keep your palms looking up the entire time.) It should look like you’re hauling the loads up along your middle.

10. Sledge Curl

Proceed as you did the ordinary hand weight twist however keep your palms confronting your sides all through (otherwise known as impartial grasp).

11. Cheat Curl

Pick the heaviest hand weights you want to twist, and proceed as you did the ordinary free weight twist, however use force from your hips to control through the staying point (most of the way up, when the loads are generally hard to lift). Try not to recline as you lift, however get into a cadence where you rock your middle advance and afterward stretch out your hips to finish every rep. Stop each set one rep short of absolute disappointment.

12. Band Curl


Grapple a band under your feet, holding each end with two hands at your sides. Oppose your elbows pushing ahead as you perform twists as quick as possible. Keep your body still.

13. Side Curl

Append two groups that face each other to strong articles at shoulder-stature. Remain among them, and hold an end in each hand. Raise your arms out 90° with elbows broadened—you should at present feel some pressure on the band in this beginning position. Twist the groups toward your ears, and hold the contracted situation for two seconds. You can likewise do this activity with links.

14. Turn around Curl

Connect a band to a strong item before you, and stand confronting it. Hold the band in one hand and walk in reverse, permitting the band to pull your arm up until it’s corresponding to the floor. Twist the band rapidly—your lower arm should wind up at 90° or more noteworthy to the floor. Hold the contracted situation for two seconds.

15. Suspension Trainer Biceps Curl


Face the suspension coach’s connection point and handle the handles with palms looking up. Recline with your abs propped, body straight, and arms stretched out before you. Twist your body up to the handles. Keep your hips straight—don’t twist or wind. In the event that you have to make this activity simpler, push your feet toward you so you’re in a greater amount of an upstanding position; in the event that you need to make it progressively troublesome, advance out your feet marginally farther before you.


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