Bodyweight fly


The muscles of the pectoralis of the muscles serve to fly the chest or lower part of the body (abbreviated as the peck fly) primarily to move the arms horizontally. If medially (internally) rotated, it contributes to the transverse flexion of the anterior (anterior) head of the deltoidus. If rotated laterally (externally), the contribution of deltoid is reduced, so the Peck Major is emphasized due to the cross-linked muscle.

Starting position

1. Place 2 small barbell or easy-curling wires close to each other and keep them parallel to each other. Make sure the barbells are rolling.
2. Take a push-up position on the barbell, keeping each slightly larger than the center or middle.


1. Keep your body straight and tight, slowly lower your body until you feel the barbell against each other and there is a gentle stretch on your chest.
2. When you pull the barbells back and get into the starting position, inhale.
3. Do this 3 to 4 times

Tips for Improve

1. Body weight d is a complex exercise. Take it slowly and correctly. Start by simply scrolling for a small amount. As you get stronger and more determined, increase the amount you roll.
2. Chest fly or bodyweight fly, dumbbell fly, square size isolation exercises (only one joint included). The elbows are very difficult sections, and every movement occurs within the shoulder joints. However, it is troublesome to keep your elbows tight with weight, especially when you start exercising early. Clearly, you need to flex your elbows and extend them at least a little.
3. If you bend and stretch the elbow, the exercise is a joint motion, and your trident can act as synergistic.
4. Conversely, if you do not flex and stretch your elbows, fitness nursing is associated with the movement of loneliness, and only your triceps can act as stabilizers.
5. As you gain extra weight, try to remove the flexibility and extension of the elbow, so take the triceps out of the picture and turn the exercise into the correct eve.


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