Close-Grip Chest Press


How to Start Exercise

1. Your client sit on the board with his knees bent and place his hands on all sides of your chest, palms facing down.
2. Move the clipboard upward. Allow yourself to backup after a slight pause, pressing the handle straight and with each other.
3. Keep your forearms parallel to the floor.

Possible injuries
Chest tightness can cause many types of injuries:

1. Ligaments / tendons torn in shoulders.
2. Injury to the underlying muscle.
3. Elbow / wrist tension.
4. Broken or broken ribs, usually the result of lifting the chest strap, falls on the chest with loss of lifting speed or strength.
5. Distal clavicular osteolysis: bone stimulation or itching at the tip of the bone. Athletes affected by this condition should refrain from doing bench press.
6. Torn or broken structure.
7. Pectoral Muscle Tears.


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