Assisted Push up


How to Start

1. Hold the handle with a wider (higher) grip than shoulder width.
2. Kneel in protective clothing and allow your body weight to sink into protective clothing so that your hands and shoulders are pulled outward.


1. Pull your body up until your chin rises above the bar.
2. Grab the number 2 and squeeze your back muscles.
3. Bring the body down until the area unit of your body and shoulders is fully extended.
4. Do this 3 to 4 times.

Tips For Improve

1. Pull with your elbows, not your muscles.
2. Pulling is an important upper body exercise that is necessary for strengthening and strengthening your back and arms and strengthening the upper body.
3. Pull with the help of a motor that provides that you cannot do proper pull ups. The purpose of a motor-assisted pull-up machine is to help you develop enough power to perform unlisted pull-ups.
4. What you should try to do is reduce the number of aids provided by the machine.


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