Goonga Pahelwan


School: Kaloowala
Height: 6’ 1”
Weight: 245 pounds

Kunga slammed the wrestling fraternity as the only person to defeat Great Gamma’s strongest younger brother, Imam Bakhs.
Since childhood, Kunga’s father made him feel proud. He was inspired by Kunga’s father (Pandit Sunni Lal, a notable Hindu wrestler and the boy’s future teacher) to pray for his son to win wrestling. The brothers were obliged and prayed for the future prosperity of the child. He did not know then that the deaf boy he was given now would be one of the toughest challenges for his family’s dominance in the game in the coming years.

The first shock came in 1918 when 19-year-old Kunga Gama’s brother-in-law Gama defeated Kalluwala. Two more matches yielded similar results. The following was worse in 1924; An advertiser, Haji Billa, organized a contest between India’s newly crowned champion (Imam Bakhsh) of Kunga Kottawala Wrestling School and Imam Kalowala in Minto Park, Lahore. Despite the desire of wrestling patriot Ustad Nur-ud-din wrestler that there should be no direct confrontation between the two schools, this historical rivalry transports the centuries-old tradition.

Special train services were arranged for visitors from Amritsar, Gujranwala and Multan. Imam Baksh was 15 years his senior and a clear favorite at the peak of his career – but he had to lose everything. In front of a stunned audience, Konga revealed the unknown life of Imam Bakhsh in 19 minutes.

A true champion, Imam Bakhsh defeated Kunga in his next two meetings; His last match was drawn in 1935. By then, Kunga had passed his chieftain. In 1936, he lost to Edmund Kramer in a match against Germany. On the contrary, he was defeated at the hands of the German Imam Baksh, who knocked him down within a minute.

In 1944, Kunga died in an accident in a bus accident on his way to Lahore from Sialkot.

Firoz-ud-din was born a successful kunga (really) dumb) after defeating Gama Kalluwala in Kohlapur in 1918, but the disease ruined his voice in childhood and earned him a wrestling name.
Kunga (center) with his wrestling brothers Satra-ud-Din and Hussain and two Bahlwanas



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