How to Start Hyperextension

1. Stand on an extension bench with one leg. Make sure that your foot is firmly attached to the bottom of the leg brace so that your hips have artefacts below your waist before being allowed to maneuver.
2. Cross your arms over your chest.


1. Bring the body down until your hips and your back become fully flexible.
2. Lift the body up until your hips and your back are fully extended.
3. Do this 6 to 7 times

Tips For Improve

1. Keep your neck neutral.
2. Do not lengthen your back.
3. Tighten one leg extension by raising your hands above your head or by placing a plate on your chest or behind your neck.
4. Facilitate exercise by manipulating each leg. However, keep in mind that if you use each leg, there will be less strain on your femur and too much pressure on your erection.
5. Although the addition of extension is commonly referred to as post-extension, the practices are in fact completely different. Within the posterior extension, the hips are unbroken, and each movement is within the back / hip. On the opposite side, within the extension, there is movement in each hip, hence the back / hip.
6. To confuse many things, there is a hip extension exercise, during which the back is not broken and every movement is within the hips! And to make things a lot more confusing, the term “hypertextension” means that moving a thing will vary its tradition, and, as taught above, you have to stretch your back!


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