Pull Up & Chin Up Progression Guide


Chin-ups square measure an excellent upper-back exercise. you recognize it, associated I’m not reaching to waffle on with an supernumerary paragraph explaining why. They’re laborious, that is why most athletic facility bros avoid doing them, well, a minimum of with something approaching correctitude. the majority keep the hell off from them and persist with the lat-pulldown machine instead. Their loss, don’t create it yours. Here’s what this text covers:

1. A guide to adjusting resistance to optimise the coaching impact.
2. A full progression guide from rank beginner through to advanced beginner.
3. Chin-ups vs pull-ups – that you must do and once.
4. Common technique mistakes and concerns for long-run joint health.

Common Question: Chin-ups or Pull-ups – Which are better?
Chin-ups square measure wherever the palms face you. Pull-ups square measure wherever the palms face faraway from you.

Chin-ups work the skeletal muscle slightly tougher, pull-ups work the lats slightly tougher. however individuals get themselves into a pickle after they begin worrying concerning the distinction and miss the larger image.

Total muscle activation is analogous for each chin-ups and pull-ups, once performed properly. which means a full vary of motion as mentioned on top of. However, the majority can’t perform pull-ups for reps with something approaching a correct vary of motion – they’re tougher and this results in 0.5 reps.

Full-range, swish rep chin-ups can develop your lats much better than partial-rep, rotten pull-ups. betray your type and you merely cheat yourself.

Beginners ought to continue chin-ups. Intermediates square measure unengaged to select, however, you’re in all probability best to rotate your grip vogue over 2-3 month blocks for elbow health. this suggests periods wherever you’ll do arm exercise variations and periods wherever you’ll do pull-up variations.

Rules for Do Better?

1. Perform swish reps: (No kipping. Kipping = cheating. – Did you get stronger or simply higher at swinging yourself up and looking out sort of a plonker within the process? Bonus: Add weight to your kipping chin-ups to way your thanks to needing shoulder surgery.)

2. The arms ought to be straight at the beginning of every rep however not a dead suspend. Keep your shoulders in their sockets. for example what I mean, place your arms straight higher than your head right away. Ok, shrug up as high as you’ll. currently shrug down. we tend to don’t need our shoulders loose therein shrugged up position, particularly after you have plenty of weight swinging from your crotch soon. It’s the ‘down’ position with the shoulders ‘packed’ that we would like to stay throughout the set. once individuals say “dead hang”, what they really mean is arms straight, not AN actual dead suspend.

3. Use a shoulder-width grip or slightly narrower.

4.The end position is wherever your chin goes over the bar, elbows brought right down to bit your aspect however not past it. Your chest could bit the bar looking on limb proportions, however that’s not a process issue of a full rep. additional on this in Eric Cressey’s video below.

5.Keep your glutes and abs tight. Tuck your neck, and don’t cheat by craning your neck upwards because the reps get tougher. You’re likely to try to to it while not realising it, don’t.
No 0.5 reps. after you will now not get a full rep, the set is over.rotate your grip vogue over 2-3 month blocks for elbow health.

6.this suggests periods wherever you’ll do pull-up variations and periods wherever you’ll do pull-up variations.


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