Shoulder Press Using Dumbbell


Starting position

Note: This image does not describe the safe and simple thanks to a seated dumbbell lateral hike. Follow the instructions and video below the image while I redesigned the image.
Hold a dumbbell in each hand and sit on the edge of a bench or chair.
Keep your back straight and lean forward slightly.
Bend slightly with your elbows and allow the dumbbell to fall below your arm.
Turn your shoulders slightly outward so that your palms are slightly ahead of your thighs.


Keep your elbows slightly bent and set the edges until your elbows are at shoulder height or slightly higher when you lift the dumbbell.
Keep the number 2.
Inhale while lowering the dumbbell in the initial position.

tips for Improve

Your back straight and your shoulders straight, your elbows slightly bent. The general public is bent with his elbow.

Make sure your upper arms are straight up and down.

Most instructors recommend turning your shoulders inward so that your elbows extend beyond your wrists, and this is like wiping a jug of water as soon as you extend your hand. It targets your lateral fracture. However, this will increase the likelihood of shoulder blockage! You can reduce your lateral prolapse by turning your shoulders outward, as you read the top and the inside of the video, and rotate your shoulders outward and lean slightly forward.

The dumbbell lateral elevation will be performed above all else. The difference is that sitting dumbbell lateral elevation reduces your confusing ability.


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