Shoulder Press Using Dumbbell


Starting position

Note: This image doesn’t illustrate the safest and simplest thanks to perform the sitting dumbbell lateral raise. Please follow the directions and video below rather than the image whereas I actually have the image redesigned.

Holding a dumbbell in every hand, sit on the tip of a bench or on a chair.
Keeping your back straight, lean forward slightly.
Let the dumbbells droop down by your sides, along with your elbows slightly bent.
Externally rotate your shoulders slightly in order that your palms face slightly forward rather than your thighs.


Keeping your elbows slightly bent, exhale as you raise the dumbbells dead set the edges till your elbows ar shoulder height or slightly higher.
Hold for a count of 2.
Inhale as you lower the dumbbells to the beginning position.

tips for Improve

Keep your back straight, your shoulders back, and your elbows slightly bent. the general public bend their elbows approach an excessive amount of.

Make sure that your higher arms rise directly upward and descent directly downward.

Most instructors suggest that you simply internally rotate your shoulders in order that your elbows ar beyond your wrists and it’s such as you ar gushing a jug of water once you raise your arm. This higher targets your lateral deltoid. However, it conjointly will increase the chance of shoulder impingement! you’ll be able to cut back the chance of shoulder impingement and still higher target your lateral deltoid by outwardly rotating your shoulders and leaning forward slightly, as educated on top of and within the video.

The dumbbell lateral raise will after all even be performed whereas standing. The distinction is that the sitting dumbbell lateral raise minimizes your ability to cheat.


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