Cable straight-arm pull-down


How to Start Exercise

1. Connect the bar directly to the high cable machine.
2. Stand at the bottom of the machine and hold the bar using a clear (overhand) grip.
3. Bend your hips and bend forward until they are positioned by your ears.


1. During a twisting movement towards your thighs, pull your arms down and back, while keeping your arms slightly flexible and inhale.
2. Grab the number 2 and squeeze your back muscles.
3. You slowly adjust the movement and breathing when the bandage returns to the initial position.
4. Do this 7 to 10 times.

Tips for Improve

1. Keep your elbows slightly bent and your body stable. Only your hands should move.
2. Dusting your position, for greater balance, when significantly increased.
3. Instead of a straight bar, you will use a rope link or V-bar. By using a bandage (handle), you will do the process of avoiding the cable unilaterally (one hand at a time).
4. Switch between unilateral and bilateral training to reclaim the benefits of each.


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