15 Best Bicep Workouts and Exercises of All Time


Best Biceps Exercises

There are many activities that will lengthen your shirt sleeves – but for those of you who want to focus on your biceps exercise, then it’s a good idea to start learning the types of twists.

Here are 15 BSP practices that will inspire new levels of development and improve quality.

1. Fat-Grip Hammer Curl


Pick two free weights and fold towels on each sleeve to make them thicker. Another option is to use flexible handles such as Fat Gripz or Grip4orce. Rotate the load with your upper arms straight and your palms facing up.

2. Behind-the-Back Cable Curl


Connect the D-handle to the lower part of the connecting machine, hold the handle in your left hand and move forward (away from the device) until there is pressure on the link and your arm is slightly pulled behind your body. Amaze your feet because your right foot is in front. Do not turn the handle and let your elbow point forward. Swap sides.

3. EZ-Bar Preacher Curl


Sit on the evangelical chair so that the head of the chair in your arms speaks to you and change the height of the seat. Overload the EZ-screw bar over shoulder width. Hold the back of your hand against the seat and bend it. Take three seconds to lower the bar as you work (like playing a link push).

4. Turn around Curl


Hold the bar in your hand (in other words a sense of proportion) at the appropriate width. Rotate the bar, keeping your upper arms to your sides.

5. Wide-Grip Curl

Hold the bar wider than the shoulder width – if you use the Olympic bar, your pins should be knocked out. Perform perversions.

6. Close-Grip Curl

Twist with your hands inside shoulder-width, in the bar.

7. Regular Barbell Curl

Of course, you have done this before, but there are many approaches to inciting the plot. Try this: Place three 5-inch plates on either side of the stick, place your hands shoulder-width apart, and perform 20 repetitions. That is a collection. Then take a plate from each side. Perform 30 repetitions. Empty another plate on each side and complete 40 repetitions. Finally, discard the last plates and complete the empty bar with easy 50 repetitions.

8. Free weight Curl

Hold free weights with each palm of your hand. Keep your weight behind you and lean forward slightly. Rotate the load without placing your upper arms forward, turning your wrists outward so that your palms are facing upwards. Hold the top for a second and crush your biceps. Lower the load and bend your triceps firmly in place (your arms should be slightly raised behind your body).

9. Drag Curl

Continue as a normal hand weight curve, but stand up straight and turn your elbows back as you rotate, so that the top of each free weight connects your entire body to the face. (Keep your palms up).

10. Sledge Curl

Keep doing the normal hand weight rotation, but keep your palms facing each other (otherwise known as bias).

11. Cheat Curl

Pick the heaviest hand weights you want to twist and continue as you would a normal free weight rotator, but use force from your waist to control where you stand (usually when lifting up, when the load is generally difficult to lift). Try not to stumble when you get up, but jump into your middle progress and then stretch your hips to finish each representative. Stop frustrating each group with one perfect representative.

12. Band Curl


Drop a band under your feet, holding each end with both hands. Oppose your elbows as you move forward as fast as you can. Keep your body still.

13. Side Curl

Apply two conflicting groups at shoulder-height for strong articles. Stay in between and hold the end of each hand. Extend your arms 90 ° with your elbows – you should feel some pressure on the band at this starting point. Turn the groups to your ear and hold the contracted position for two seconds. You can also perform this activity with links.

14. Turn around Curl

Connect a band to a solid object in front of you and stand against it. Hold the band in one hand and walk in the opposite direction, allowing the band to raise your arm until it is level with the floor. Rotate the strap quickly: Your lower arm should be attracted to the floor by 90 ° or more. Keep the contracted condition for two seconds.

15. Suspension Trainer Biceps Curl


Face the suspended train contact point and hold the handles with the palms facing upwards. Lean on your stomach, straighten your body and arms in front of you and relax. Turn your body up to your arms. Hold your hips straight – do not turn or wind. If you need to make this movement easier, push your legs towards you so that they are at a higher level, and move your legs forward in front of you when you need to cause problems.


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