The Best Chest Exercises for Building a Broad, Strong Upper Body


The Best Science-Based Chest Workout for Mass & Symmetry

There are many valid ways to end your week by distributing chest exercises after a week, some of which will determine your desire to become a multi-bowl bench press guy: the chest is probably made from the largest muscles in your body. , And in any case, use it continuously when you are not in the center again.

Arnold chest press

Equipment: Heavy set of dumbbells

chest exercises
chest exercises

Do it: Lie on a chair with each hand free weight and start by legally squeezing the top with your hands and feet. Lower the thighs to the chest as the palms rotate clockwise, with the goal of keeping the palms facing forward. Gradually return to the original state for a representative. Complete three events for six delegates.

Coach’s advice: “Loaders are really going downhill, so it really hurts the chest press,” suggested Lindsay Clayton, a Berry Boat Campus consultant and talented body project volunteer. It helps by focusing on the time you are going out instead of floating on the muscles, which is the foundation and the most impressive chest.

1. Svend press

Gear: Two five-pound plates

chest exercises
chest exercises

Do it: Start with the shoulder width apart, the back of the bears and the chest height of two five-pound plates pressed together. Breathe in, then press the plates directly in front of you. When your elbows are fully extended, easily pass through your chest, lift slightly, and slow down. Then press the center of the plate and return to the original position. That is a representative. Complete three events 15.

Coach’s advice: “Make sure the plates move in the same flat plane throughout the development,” says Brick New York consultant Joe Campbell. In the same way, keep up the pressure on your chest as you push and pull.

2. Chest fly

Gear: A medium-substantial pair of hand weights

chest exercises
chest exercises

Do it: Lie down on a chair with two free weights on your chest, palms facing inwards and interlocking loads. With a slight curve on the elbows, bring the thighs to your side, making a point so that your palms look inward. Delayed for a second according to the development, then they returned to start breathing. Complete three sets of 16 repetitions.

Coach Tip: “Give extra pressure to your load on each agent,” Clayton suggests. In this way you are putting a safe pressure on the muscles during the whole exercise.

3. Chest plunge

Hardware: Parallel bars

chest exercises
chest exercises

Do it: Hold the bars and lock your hands while keeping your feet on the ground until you are happy with your starting position. Then lift your legs off the ground and bend forward. Lower your body to the floor, allowing your elbows to explode a little until you feel a stretch on your chest. Then use your chest to squeeze and push your body back. Complete three sets of 10 repetitions.

Coach Advice: “If you have some serious memories that support your whole body, use a baptismal font,” Dale advises. These machines use a weight-bearing structure that allows you to weigh your body. You can also place your feet firmly on the ground (behind the body) so that they can sink in the same way.

4. Hand weight press

Hardware: Heavy arrangement of free weights

Do it: Straighten your chest with two free weights and your palms toward your thighs. (You will see that this is a common condition in the chest-building state.) Breathe in and slowly lower the load to your shoulders. Breathe in and out of the thighs to begin with a representative. Complete three sets of 10 repetitions.

Coach’s advice: “Take as much time as possible and focus on the legal framework,” says Campbell. You should feel a ton of pressure in the chest area.

5. Push-up stepping stool

Gear: The floor

chest exercises
chest exercises

Do it: Instead of splitting the shoulder width apart, keep your arms slightly wider and start at a higher board position. Hold the center firmly, lower your body to the ground and push back for a representative. Make eight. Then, with the goal of keeping your shoulders straight above your wrists, bend your arms. Do eight more. Next, draw a gemstone with your thumb and forefinger on the floor and bring your hands closer together. Do eight more. Complete the step by turning the request to get 40 supports in one set.

Zack Daley, event director at Ton House, said: This is one of my favorite chest area finishes.

6. Close-hold hand weight chest press

Hardware: Heavy arrangement of hand weights

chest exercises
chest exercises

Do it: Start with the palms facing each other directly on your chest with a two-handed weight. Take it and slowly lower the load to the center of the chest. Fortunately, brushing with a brush on your base rib is safe. Breathe in, and lift the loads up. Complete three sets of 10 repetitions.

Mentor Tip: “Weight training is key here,” says Clayton. If you feel pressure on your shoulders, make sure your loads are placed directly on your chest, not your face.


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