Cable Front Delt Raises using Rope


Starting position

1. Connect the bar directly to the coffee cable module.
2. Stand together on your back near the cable machine.
3. Hold the bar between your legs and lift it up straight with a shoulder-width grip. The cable should be between your legs.


1. Until your arms move slightly horizontally, bend your elbows slightly and inhale while raising the bar during your front counterclockwise motion.
2. Keep Number 2
3. Turn the movement slowly and lower the bar to the starting position.
4. Repeat the recommended variety.

Tips For Improve

1. Keep your back straight and your head straight.
2. Keep your body stable. Only your hands should move.
3. If you feel any pain in your shoulder capsule while conducting the cable front lift, chances are you are lifting the strap too high. If you still feel pain when you lower the peak to raise the bar, please stop taking revenge on the workout.
4. You can lift the front of the cable using a rope attachment or a stripper, one hand at a time.


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