Exercise 1: Pushdowns

After warming up, repeat 3 sets ten or if unsuccessful, whichever is 1. Drop the corresponding weight by ten inches in the final set and do another 5 reps without resting in real time.

Tips and warnings Hold palm-down on the edge of your thumb above the bar. Keep your shoulders back and chest out. Adjust your high arms at the sides of your torso.

Avoid: Do not tilt your wrist upwards as this will put undue pressure on the joint. Keep your wrists straight and flexible, and don’t let your elbows burn. Place them on the side of your pages.

Exercise 2: Close-grip bench presses:

It is often one of the leading performance developers for direct muscle. Once again do 3 sets of ten. Drop the load on the last set and do 5 other reps if not rest.

Tips and Warnings Using a straight or easy-curl bar, take an edge that is six inches wide. Slowly lower the bandage on your lower chest while keeping your elbows on the sides of your sides. Then push straight up to the starting position.

Avoid: Push your chest strap. Maintain management throughout the movement. slow down.

Exercise 3: sitting one-arm overhead extensions:

Redo 3 sets of ten. Drop the weight on the last set and do 5 more reps if you don’t rest.

Tips and Warnings Sit your back straight on a bench and gently lower the dumbbell to the base of your neck. Stretch the muscles upright under the rock of motion and then contract to get into the starting position.

Avoid: Run this movement very quickly and intermittently. This can cause neck and head injuries. Do not let your wrist move with weight; Build them.


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