Machine fly for Better Chest


To fly a machine, instead of a seated lever called a fly or a “Peck December” fly, is a force that supports sporting objects flying across the chest. As the chest flies, the arm in the nursing arm passes through an arc, while the elbow is not broken at a constant angle. The square shape of the flies is the upper body muscles, mainly the skeletal head of the pectoralis muscle that does not function. As a result of these exercises, the arms are used as levers for their very long lengths, the weight that can be carried is largely equivalent to press exercises (weight to shoulder and chest and bench press to weight, Respectively) equal to.

Starting position

1. Sit on the fly machine and wash it firmly against the support behind your back.
2. Keep the lever at shoulder height.
3. Turn your shoulders inward, thus keeping your wrists, elbows and shoulders.


1. Keep your elbows slightly bent while pushing the lever.
2. Keep changing the movement until you feel a slight stretch in your chest or shoulders.
3. Do this 3 to 4 times.

Tips for Improve

1. Adjust the fly engine for comfort and then adjust the support.
2. Keep the movement slow and deliberate.
3. By turning your shoulders inward (thus positioning your wrists, elbows, and shoulders), you are severing your muscle pectoralis as a result of the presence and insertion of the muscle.
Mechanical E is not an intensive mass building exercise.
4. As an affiliate in nursing isolation exercises, it can be helpful if you want to warm your chest, expel it before joint chest exercise, or fail on chest elbow grease.
The machine fly does not target your inner chest. It can be a story. It is impossible to emphasize your inner chest.
5. The only ways to provide additional internal chest definition to reduce your body fat level and make your chest exploit combination exercises.
6. Another standard story about mechanical eve is that it allows you to stretch your muscle pectoralis and a wider chest.
7. Seating lever is also called fly.
8. The fly engine’s lever is usually adjusted to accommodate machine reverse flight training, which targets your rear deltoid.


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