Cable wide grip Upright Row


How to Start Exercise

1. Connect the bar directly to the coffee cable machine.
2. Hold the strap using a shoulder-width or wide overhand grip.
3. Stand upright with your body near the machine, force your shoulders back and push your chest out.


1. Inhale while pulling the bandage in front of your body until it reaches the shape of your lower or middle chest. Do not pull the bar up.
2. Keep the number 2.
3. When you lower the bar to the starting position, inhale.
4. Repeat 5 to 7 times

Tips for Improve

1. Keep the bar close to your body.
2. Keep your shoulders straight, chest out, body straight.
3. Pull with your elbows, not with your muscles.
4. Upright row can be an important exercise. The explanation is that in some individuals it may block the tendon. In particular, synonymy of supraspinatus muscle pinches (inhibits) among repeated entrosis, resulting in injury. Although they are designed the risks vary from person to person.
5. By advancing upward and using a shoulder-width or wider grip instead of a thin grip, the risk of obstructing the shoulder is by standing upright, holding the bar close to your body, keeping your shoulders back, and your chest. Connor can be reduced. . Pull the bar out, and beyond the size of your lower or middle chest.
6. Still, if you sometimes experience pain while standing upright with a wide grip on the cable, stop abusing it. Instead of focusing on your lateral fault, use lateral regeneration, y-regeneration, or axis sequence.


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