Front Shoulder Raises


The front Shoulder raise may be a weight keep fit exercise. This exercise is Associate in Nursing isolation exercise that isolates shoulder flexion. It primarily works the anterior deltoid, with help from the anterior serratus muscle, musculus biceps brachii and clavicular parts of the pectoral. The front raise is often dispensed in 3 to 5 sets throughout a shoulder physical exercise. Repetitions depend upon the a lifter’s educational program and goals.

1. Sit  on the glideboard, knees slightly bent and hold the handles down below your buttocks, arms extended and palms facing forward.

2.Slide the glideboard up by pull the handles forward till your arms ar parallel to the ground and permit yourself go into reverse when a brief pause.

3.Keep your arms absolutely extended throughout (or keep the little bend in your elbows constant).


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