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This Simple Glute Activation Circuit Will Awaken Your Butt


The best glute activation routine works key movement patterns of your hip, which you’ll likely be performing during a leg workout: hip extension (like with a glute bridge), hip external rotation (like a clam shell), and hip abduction (like with a lateral walk). Low intensity work (think resistance bands instead of free weights) and higher reps are the best way to program it, says Fagan.

That’s the premise behind this glute activation routine created by Fagan. You’ll do high-rep banded work to get your glutes firing, and to prepare them for a lower body workout to come afterward. Completing the circuit once is enough for glute activation before a workout (sticking to the low-end of the rep range took me 3 minutes), but if you want to use this as a butt workout instead, you can complete 4 rounds (which should take under 15 minutes with rest).

The Workout

What you need: a mini-band (or a resistance band you can tie) and an exercise mat for comfort.

The Moves:

  • Glute bridge
  • Clam shell
  • Donkey kick
  • Lateral walk


Complete 15–20 reps of each exercise (15–20 reps per side for single-leg moves), going directly into the next move without rest. Do 1 circuit for a glute activation warm-up.

To make this a workout, rest for 30 seconds after completing the 4 moves. Do 4 rounds total.


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